I did a ton of shopping for Tacoma bed racks and I finally came to the conclusion that the MAX Modular TACO MAX 10″ High Toyota Tacoma Bed Rack was the one for my 3rd generation 2016+ Toyota Tacoma.  My shopping criteria were:

  1. Functionality
  2. Price
  3. Quality
  4. Aesthetics

Tacoma Bed Rack Functionality

Is the height going to be high enough for a roof top tent to be high off the ground while it’s low enough to have the tent flush with the roof for efficient MPG? What kind of attachments can I put on? Well don’t worry because there are plenty of attachments for your high lift jack, bicycle carrier, fuel jugs, traction board and awning. You can also get a tonneau cover bracket for those that want to retain their cover.

Tacoma Bed Rack Price

I don’t want to spend a ton on bed rack. Most of the racks I found were in the $900 range and some of them you have to pay an additional $100+ for shipping. This bed rack starts at $625 which is way cheaper than most brands.

Tacoma Bed Rack Quality

MAX Modular may be an unfamiliar name for some, but they are the same company as KB Voodoo who has a high reputation for quality in their products.

  • 12 gauge steel, CNC laser cut legs and crossbars
  • Fully bolt together, shipped disassembled, easy to put together
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Includes T-nuts for attachment to factory side rails
  • Black textured powder coated
  • Side Plates and Top Bars have adjustable positioning
  • Crossbars have holes for mounting bike fork mounts
  • 45″ or 58″ lengths

Toyota Tacoma Bed Rack - MAX ModularToyota Tacoma Bed Rack - MAX Modular

Tacoma Bed Rack Aesthetics

I wanted something that looked though with squared-off bars. Some of the other bed racks I saw had some Coke bottle cuts or cylinder bars everywhere. In addition I think the long bed 58″ rack looks way better when it’s stretched out to the trunk so I opted for that.

Affordable and functional
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Aesthetics

Super quality and awesome pricing

Just on the price attribute alone, this Tacoma bed rack should be at the top of your consideration list. Although the material doesn’t have the strongest feel, it’s a great looking rack with lots of off-road attachments available such as a high lift jack, traction boards, fuel tanks, etc. The best part is that it looks freaking awesome with the long bed rack on a short bed truck!

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