Do you have a roof top tent or camper and looking for dispersed camping opportunities? Do you also have an off-road or overland vehicle? Then you want to bookmark Trailhunters and this page. Browse through our hand picked locations to get a look at some of our favorite camping spots. We document our trips with extensive photos and provide information for each spot we visit so you can have the best experience on your overland trip. Browse around our interactive map and spot your next adventure. We include photos, coordinates and details for each campsite.

⚠️ Dispersed camping can be very rewarding especially because these are typically low-traffic areas where the majority of public can not access due to off-road terrains. However there are many threats and dangers that come with increased activity at these locations so please read the rules provided by the Bureau of Land Management and your local US Forest Service.

Dispersed Camping

This is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest outside of a designated campground. Most campsites do not have the usual services an actual campground may have. This includes services such as trash removal, waste bins, bathroom facilities, picnic tables, and fire pits.  Just like any other outdoor campsites, cell phone reception is also very limited if not available at all.

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