About Us

We are car enthusiasts at heart with a professional background in marketing and data analysis. As we have our usual 9 to 5 desk jobs, this is our getaway from the digital world and into the real.

When I say “we” it’s just me and my fiancé. Coming from a 2018 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma and now onto a 2023 3rd gen Toyota Tundra, we’re both get-away-from-the-office seekers who just want to visit cool and unique places. We follow the same concept to develop custom one-off designed products to develop the Tundra with cool and unique parts.

We’re not here to hold massive inventory or make huge profits. We’re simply here to share our small inventory of cool & unique product designs that suit our needs during our travels, and hope it helps you too.

Oh yea and by the way, we got the name Trailhunters first. 😉 (C’mon Toyota)