This dispersed camping spot is located on the western side of Kings Canyon National Park next to Pine Flat Lake in California. About an hour drive past the main lake there are pockets of amazing camping spots and they’re all located next to the river. It’s also a popular spot to go white water rafting with Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions.


There’s not a whole lot of traffic in this area as it’s quite a drive to get to, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to camp next to water.


There’s not much to really look at in terms of an “overlooking” view, but it’s in the valley of the mountains right in the heart of the river so it’s an amazing experience by the water especially since there is a slow current river only a minute walking distance away. It has some shallow waters with a “beach” transition so it can be great for family activity. The river also adds a very soothing white noise for sleeping at night.


The road is pretty much paved for the most part except for the last mile or so towards the campsite. Campsite #1 off Fresno Vomac has a pretty rugged entrance and it’s highly recommended to access via a high clearance off-road vehicle, but because of this not a lot of people can access this area.

Soothing white noise for sleeping, nearby swimming area
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Highly recommended for those looking to camp near water. The fast current water is far enough so it’s not too loud to sleep at night, but there is also a shallow and slow current area good for swimming. There’s not a whole lot of shade so bring an awning or canopy for cover. This campsite is big enough to squeeze in 4 vehicles comfortably. No fire pit and it’s strictly prohibited. If you do not have a high clearance vehicle it’ll be difficult to enter this area.

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