Modifying the KC Harness to Work on Switch Pros

Get some sweet looking Tacoma rock lights! This install will cover the general procedure to install your KC Hilites Cyclone rock lights on your Tacoma that is equipped with a Switch Pros module. In this case I installed it on a Switch Pros SP-9100 model with a Blue Seas power tray setup, but as long as you have some sort of power tray setup the directions will be very similar.

Toyota Tacoma Rock Lights Install DIY on Switch Pros - KC Hilites Cyclone

Tools Required

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Drill bits
  • Hex bits
  • 17mm wrench/socket
  • M10 nutsert (optional)
  • Nustert tool (optional)
  • Optional if extending LED location: Soldering kit, Wire cutter and stripper, 4ft of 16 AWG wiring

3 Hours

Install Time


Difficulty (1 Easy)

KC Hilites Cyclone - Clear

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How to Install KC Hilites Cyclone Tacoma Rock Lights with Switch Pros

1. Modify original KC harness for Switch Pros
1.1 I drew up a wiring diagram to show you what you need to do. It does require basic knowledge of soldering or crimping, but it’s very easy.

1.2 Cut the 3 wires from the KC harness spade connector end (this would originally connect to the KC toggle switch) and leave yourself with 3 pigtails: black, red yellow.
1.3 Discard the yellow wire and fuse from the original KC harness; the black wire will come loose. We’ll need to modify the black wire a little bit next.

Pictured here is what I discarded.

1.4 Add a ring terminal to the black wire that was cut.

⚠️ There will be 3 ring terminals on the black wire. You can use all 3 or just connect 2 from the KC post to Power Tray / ground. If you choose the latter just tape up the ring terminal or discard it.

1.5 Add a ring terminal to the red wire coming from the KC fuse block.

Now you’re done with the harness. You should have just 2 main ring terminals to connect – black (ground) and red (power). Here is a picture of the stock harness wiring diagram just for reference.

2. Install KC Hilites Cyclone LED lights on vehicle. It’s up to you on where you want to mount the 6 LED lights, but I highly recommend the spots I mounted to for the best even coverage. I’ve seen tons of installs with uneven lighting and unwanted hotspots. I wanted it to look the best and perform the best next to the tires.

2.1 For the fronts I used the provided horizontal bracket to mount to the sway bar bracket location. I have a dropdown kit for the Eibach suspension kit so it might look a little different, but you should be able to use the bolt there. I also bent the brackets outwards towards the tire a little bit.

2.2 For the middle LED lights I used an M10 nutsert to install the LED without a bracket. I have some sliders installed so used that instead of drilling on the body.

2.3 For the rear LED lights I used the provided L bracket to mount to the rear frame.

3. Route the wiring harness on chassis and connect lights

3.1 Starting with the front LEDs, use the shortest wiring harness provided to connect the lights. It should be fairly easy to route the wires. You can use the provided zip ties to secure the wiring around the perimeter of the front radiator support frame.

3.2 For the middle LEDs, I secured the wiring harness with another wiring harness that I installed from my KC Hilites Chase Bar. Even if you don’t have existing wiring to zip tie to, you can used the supplied tap screw zip ties to safely secure. As another option, you can find existing OEM wiring harness that runs alongside the frame which is easily accessible. Plenty of room to send wires through.

3.3 For the rear, same thing. You can easily wire through the frame/chassis using existing OEM wiring or tap in new mounts with the existing zip tie kit.

You can use the provided plastic wiring loom to protect open areas.

⚠️ Note: I did have to extend the passenger side 5M wiring harness for the rear LEDs because the wire would not reach. I extended by about 3 ft.

3.4 Secure wiring harness from the passenger side, across the engine bay and to the battery area.

4. Mount KC Ground Post / Fuse Block and connect wires to battery tray.

4.1 I chose to mount the KC Ground Post and Fuse Block both to the OEM fuse box. I didn’t have much room to work with. If you do this, make sure you provide enough clearance for the bolts on the underneath of the lid to clear the fuses inside. Mount where you would like.

4.2 Connect the 6 red ring terminals to the Fuse Block.

4.3 Connect the 6 black ground ring terminals to the Ground Post.

4.4 Connect the extra ground wiring harness from Step 1 to the Ground on vehicle or Power Tray / Switch Pros.

5. Final inspection

5.1 Make sure all your wiring is secure.

5.2 Fire it up on your Switch Pros! Enjoy your Tacoma rock lights!